Layaway Policy

Merchandise put on layaway will be held for 30 days1 with a minimum deposit of $10 or 20%, whichever is greater, and a non-refundable $5 service fee2 If you do not complete your layaway on time, or cancel at any time, all items will be returned to stock and you will be charged an additional $10 fee.3 The following items cannot be placed on layaway: food items, wall art, rugs, lamps or furniture. Valid photo ID is required for all layaway contracts, pick-ups and refunds. Partial pick-ups and cancellations are not permitted. Merchandise on layaway will not be marked down. Refunds will only be provided in the form of merchandise credit.4 Service and cancellation fees are subject to tax where applicable. All personal information collected will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy available at You may withdraw your consent at any time. By providing your phone number you are agreeing to receive automated messages that your layaway is past due.

We are happy to have offered layaway in the majority of our stores for the 2020 holiday season.  Customers who placed a layaway through December 11, 2020 will have until close of business December 19, 2020 to pick-up their layaway.  At this time, we are not accepting new layaways in any of our stores until further notice.  Stay tuned for updates in 2021.

1 In Baby Depot stores in Puerto Rico, Layaway will be held for 90 days

2 In MD the service fee is $1 service fee

3 In MD, OH & RI a cancellation fee of $10 or 10%, whichever is less, will be charged for cancelled or delinquent layaways. In MD you may cancel your layaway within 14 days and no additional fee will be charged. In OH & RI you may cancel within 7 days and no service fee or cancellation fee will be charged.